Falcons News · HS Wrestling To Start Monday

The Falcons will open the wrestling season on Monday, November 16 2020.  Practice will be from 5:00 to 7:00 pm and will be run in the High School Gym Balcony.  The Balcony will be used until the wrestling room becomes available, hopefully, the first part of December.

Each athlete must register on FamilyID.com, and meet the physical requirements stated in the registration process.  If you athlete has competed in a fall sport and paid his/her registration fee, then they should be set for the winter season.

A couple of things for our new guidelines.  All athletes and coaches are required to wear masks.  I would have a couple of masks available for your wrestler for each practice/match.  We will see all different kinds of masks used, but they should all cover the nose and mouth of the wrestler.  Wrestlers are required to bring their own water bottle, and should not share with anyone.  Wrestlers should bring their own towels to practices/matches.  If you are able to find a soap based disinfectant for your wrestler to use, please provide.  Body wipes will be common this year, but soap based are much better as it should not sting the eyes during sweating.

Each wrestler should clean out their locker daily and bring practice gear home to be washed and sanitized.  The locker rooms will be sprayed down every night.

We will clean mats as much as possible as we go.  We have just ordered two additional UV cleaning units.

Different times, but here we go…………………..