Falcons News · Varsity Football Captures Mountain Trophey

Friday night the Falcons hosted cross town rival Swan Valley. The winner of the game would claim the Battle for the Mountain trophy, which Swan Valley has had for the past three years.

Swan Valley would get the ball first and the tough Falcon defense would force a Swan Valley punt. Both teams would trade possessions that ended in 3 and out punts before the falcon offense would get going. After a short punt from the Vikings, Freeland would take over on the Vikings 26 yard line. Swan Valley’s defense would force a 4th down, Bryson Huckeby hooked up with Ben Wellnitz for a 1st down catch to keep the drive alive. Two plays later Easton Armstrong would force his way into the endzone, but a hold penalty would back the Falcons up to the 26 yard line again. One 3rd and goal, Bryson hit Easton Armstrong for a great catch and run down to the 4 yard line. Garrett Pistro would pound the ball into the endzone and the Falcons would take a 6-0 lead with 4:26 to go in the first.
In the 2nd quarter the Falcon defense would force Swan Valley to punt for the 4th time of the game, but they would hit a beauty that rolled down to the Falcon 15 yard line. After a 2yard gain on the first play, Bryson Huckeby would keep the ball and out race all defenders and sprint for an 83yd touchdown run. Garrett Pistro would run in the 2 point conversion and Freeland would jump out to a 14-0 with 8:17 to go in the half.
Swan Valley would put together a drive that would take 6:09 off the clock, but would stall out at the Falcon 18 yard line. The Freeland offense couldn’t get going and Swan Valley would take  advantage this time of the Falcon’s mistakes. Freeland would get and roughing the passer penalty and Swan Valley would connect the next play on a 45 yard catch and run play down to Freeland’s 4 yard line. Three plays later the Vikings would sneak in, but a failed 2 point conversion would leave the at 14-6 at the half.
Freeland would get the ball to start the 3rd quarter, but Swan Valley would continue the momentum swing and force a falcon punt. Swan Valley would put together their best drive of the night and travel 65 yards in 10 plays. Swan valley would complete a 25yd pass to cut the lead to 2. The 2 point conversion run would be successful and with 4:49 left in the 3rd quarter, we would be knotted at 14-14.
Freeland would take over on the 36 yard line and put together their best drive of the night. Easton Armstrong would come up with another great catch on 3rd and 9 to keep the drive alive. Bryson Huckeby would run for 6 yards to convert on 3rd and 4. The Falcon offense would take advantage of a Viking penalty that would move the ball to the 24 yard line. Easton Armstrong once again came up big with a 19 yard run. Two plays later Bryson would call his own number and keep it around the edge for a 2 yard touchdown run as time expired in the 3rd. Jacob Kundinger would add the extra point and to start the 4th quarter, Freeland would regain the lead 21-14.
In the 4th quarter the Vikings would put together a drive that would take 5:09 off the clock, but would stall out on the Falcon 46 yard line. Freeland went back to the ground game to keep the Viking offense off the field, but SV would make a great defensive play forcing a fumble that would roll into the endzone for a SV touchback. So with 3:57 on the clock and 80 yards to go, the Falcon defense would have to go back to work.
Swan Valley would convert 3 first downs, one on 4th and 4, but on the 12th play of the drive, senior Carter Suppes would squeeze his receiver to the sideline and come up with the game winning interception. The Falcons would take over on their own 7 yard line and run two plays and take a knee for the victory.
Stat Line:
Bryson Huckeby 8 carries 90 yards
Jacob Kundinger 9 carries 48 yards
Garrett Pistro 12 carries 35 yards
Easton Armstrong 4 carries 33 yards
Bryson Huckeby 7-11 passing 83 yards
Alex Duley 2 catches 32 yards
Jacob Kundinger 2 catches 26 yards
Easton Armstrong 2 catches 14 yards
Ben Wellnitz 1 catch 11 yards
Jacob Kundinger 12 tackles 1 sack
CJ Schultz 11 tackles
Cole Wiese 11 tackles
Nolan Vanloo 10 tackles
Blake Watson 8 tackles
Gabe Blanchard 8 tackles