Falcons News · High School Volleyball Tryouts

Our 2019-20 high school volleyball season starts on Wednesday, August 14th at 7:00 am in the high school gym.  All interested players should report to the gym.  This will be the morning session and will run from 7:00 am to 8:00 am.  This will be followed by the evening practice that will run from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  This format will run Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the first week.  If the number of athletes trying out warrants, cuts will be made and teams determined by the end of practice on Friday the 16th.

Regular practices will start on August  19th with the freshman practicing at 3:00, the Varsity practicing at 5:30 and the Junior Varsity starting at 6:30. (unless coaches adjust)

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR ATHLETE WILL NEED THEIR GREEN CARD APPROVED IN THE ATHLETIC OFFICE IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN PRACTICE.  This green card was mailed to all athletes that competed in a sport last school year.  The mailing went out at the end of June and contained the green card, a physical form (which must be completed), concussion information (which must be singed) and the handbook form, (must also be signed), which contains the athletic registration fee, $100 for the year.  Reminder, if a team requires tryouts, registration fees will be held by our office until teams are determined.

As we prepare for another great year of volleyball, lets be all set and ready to start on August 14th.