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Coed Varsity Bowling · Varsity Bowling, 12-6-14

Our bowling teams traveled to Saginaw on 12-6-14, and bowled against Shepherd and Lakeville.  Our boys team finished the day with a 1-1 record.  The boys were defeated by Shepherd by a team score of 9-21. The boys team was led by Ben Gibson who shot a 172 and a 165.  In the second match, the boys earned a win against Lakeville by a team score of 16-14.  The boys were led by Brendan Welsh who shot a 172 and a 239.

The Lady Falcons earned two wins for the day.  The defeated Shepherd 16-14, and Lakeville 22-8.  In the Shepherd match Kayla Grimsley shot a 178, and Robin McNally finished with a 157.  The team was led by Jordan Bierlein an Jalyn Prout with 125’s and Robin McNally with a 181 against Lakeville.

The teams travel to Shepherd this Saturday for their next match.